Today is my flight to Reykjavik, Iceland from Atlanta. It’ll be my first time travelling to a foreign country by myself with no one waiting for me on the other end. This blog will hold my travel journey as I work my way through Northen Europe before my semester abroad in Oxford starts. Currently, my journey is planned as follows:

> Reykjavik, Iceland
> Helsinki, Finland
> Oulu, Finland
> Lulea, Sweden
> Stockholm, Sweden
> Bergen, Norway
> Oslo, Norway
> Gothenburg, Sweden
> Copenhagen, Denmark
> Cologne, Germany
> Amsterdam, Netherlands
> Brussels, Belgium
> Paris, France
> London, England
> Oxford, England

I’m really excited for this trip and hope to share my experiences so others can either follow in my footsteps or learn from my mistakes. My trip to Iceland will start with a tour of Southern Iceland which includes viewing the Ice Caves. I end my trip in Oxford, England where I will spend three months studying as an exchange student. Here’s to hoping that I make it through this trip without too much trouble.


* Japanese for “to go and come back” aka “I’m off!”