My flight to Iceland got into the airport at 4:00AM GMT today. The flight wasn’t too bad. I slept for most of it and from Boston, it was only a 5 hour flight. It was raining really badly when I got to Iceland though, but at least the wifi coverage was good.

My flight to Reykjavik

My tour was supposed to start at 8AM but was delayed until 12PM so I had a lot of time to kill in the airport. I spent most of it on the computer and eating at the small restaurant in the airport. I had travelled to the domestic airport, so it was VERY small. The bad weather was so bad, I could see cars outside moving from the wind.

Breakfast at Reykjavik Domestic Airport

My breakfast consisted of a soda called Appelsin (which was just an orange soda) and this yummy cake that tasted kinda like carrot cake. Finally, half an hour after 12, my tour group stopped by to pick me up. The tour I booked was through Arctic Adventures and is one of their 2-day tours through Southern Iceland. The first day of the tour is mainly spent viewing waterfalls and some beaches while the second day has the reason I booked the tour in the first place: ice caves.

We started the day by viewing two waterfalls, Skógafossand Seljalandsfoss. Both waterfalls were really beautiful to watch, but were cold to stand next to, especially when you got wet. For Seljalandsfoss, you could walk behind the waterfall, so I walked the whole way around taking pictures the whole way. It was only after that I realized it would’ve probably been a better idea to use my GoPro instead of my Sony Mirrorless camera since my GoPro has a water proof casing.

Me behind the waterfall at Seljalandsfoss

After the two waterfalls, we were quickly shuttled to the next stop, a small village called Vík. There, we saw the ocean and there were two stores to buy from for snacks and other souvenirs. The ocean there had a black sand beach to make up for us missing Reynisfjara which was close by, but closed. Since it had been raining all day too, we missed our chance to see the Northern Lights today, but it’s possible we can see them tomorrow on the way back to Reykjavik.

The ocean at Ví

Finally, we arrived at our hotel, Hótel Skaftafel. I had opted to share a room with someone versus paying extra for a single which ended up being super fortunate. My roommate, Gabie, was awesome. She was attending school in the Netherlands, so we talked a lot about how her experience different from the typical American college experience. She’s actually from Suriname though, which was super neat. We went to dinner together and at first we ordered the lamb and the char. We waited and waited and waited and eventually the restaurant had cleared out and still no food had come. Gabie finally got up and asked if we had indeed ordered because we still didn’t have food. The waiters went to go check and instead of what we originally ordered, we got the Fish of the Day which was pretty good. They then offered us drinks on the house, and when we asked for the bill, they told us the meal was on the house as well!

Our free meal

Overall, today has been fun, and I made a great friend in my roommate. I’m really excited for tomorrow and the glaciers, so here’s to hoping I don’t freeze!