The focus of the second day of my two day tour around southern Iceland was glaciers. For the first part of the day, we visited the glacial lagoon, Jökulsárlón. The weather was particularly bad today, with mist settling on everything around us. It made it difficult to actually see more than one or two glaciers. While walking around, I heard some splashing from the lagoon which turned out to be seals. While visiting on a day after rain/a day when it was supposed to be raining was not the best idea, visiting in the morning was definitely the best time because of how quiet the place is.

Me in front of the glacier lagoon

This reminded me of an inspirational quote

The only other glacier in the lake besides the one I took a picture with

After the glacial lagoon, we went to lunch back in Skaftafell. Although wifi was scarce at first, we were able to mooch off the Extreme Iceland tour bus when it stopped by for the duration of lunch. Lunch was uneventful although I did find out the yummy topping we had with our bread the other day was sun dried tomatoes.

The best part of the day came after lunch. It was time to go to the ice caves! The ice caves portion consisted of two parts. The first was the glacial walk where we walked on top of a glacier. This part was pretty fun, which was not what I was expecting. The guide group gave us crampons for our shoes, helmets, and a pickaxe in order to help us climb. We were then lead in small groups by a glacier guide. My guide was named Hurley.

Walking on the glacier

"Ice climbing"

We walked on the glaciers for most of the time. The last portion of the walk, we were taken to the ice caves which was the part I was most excited about. Unfortunately, due to the incredibly warm winters and dry summers they’ve been having the ice cave was much smaller than usual. This was exacerbated by the fact that one of the glaciers was retreating while the other was advancing and the cave sat right in the middle of the two.

Going into the cave

A view from the cave

While the cave was disappointing in a sense, the glacier walk was a lot better than I thought it would be. I think I was spoiled by the caverns I used to visit when I was younger. We were also told that in 5 years, it was predicted that most of the glacier we were walking on, save for the “higher portion” would be completely gone. It was kinda sad to think that the same glacier I was walking on today won’t be there probably the next time I come back to Iceland.

The ride back to Reykjavik was long, but luckily it was already dark so most of us just slept the whole way. I don’t know how worth it the tour was overall, but I definitely think it was a good experience to have regardless. I probably wouldn’t pay for a tour the next time I go to Iceland (or, I’d pay for the tour only and just rent a car as my accomodations).

Now, I’m currently at my hostel which is called Oddsson. It’s located slightly outside of downtown Reykjavik. Tomorrow, I’m planning on walking around and just exploring. Going on a walking tour was recommended to me, so I might try my luck with that as well. Unfortunately, I severely overestimated how expensive Iceland would be and need to find a way to cut how much I spend on meals tomorrow at least. Or find ways to cut elsewhere.