Hi friends. Day 3 was a tough day for me, mostly because I had a late start today. By late start, I mean a VERY late start (like 4PM). Today was a tough day for me, but once I stepped out of the hostel it was much easier to do things.

My first stop outside the hostel was the grocery store across the street. I bought some apple juice (still need to check if it needs to be refrigerated or not), some cookies, and a cup noodle thing. Then I decided to try my luck and navigate the 30 min walk from my hostel to the shopping street, Laugavegur. The walk definitely didn’t feel like 30 minutes which I attribute to a combination of the cold and the fact that I was in a new place. The walk was nice though, and there was lots of nice scenery on the way.

Some houses as I was walking

Getting close to the shopping street

Unfortunately for me, it was about halfway through my walk when my phone decided to act up on me. It did this when I was in Las Vegas as well which was more unfortunate because I was just about to call an Uber when it did this. At least I was ideally in walking distance of my hostel at this point. What I really needed was a place to charge my phone for a bit, but I didn’t know which of the cafes I passed were actually coffee shops and which were actually restaurants. I, by some miracle, found a sign marked “Information” that led me to the City Hall. For any tourist in Reykjavik, the City Hall is a great resource. In addition to the brochures and information about local events that they had, they also had maps of Reykjavik which I was sorely in need of. There was also a pretty pond right beside the city hall.

The pond

Just my luck, right?

Using the map, I was finally able to make my way to Laugavegur. It was late, though, so most of the shops were closed. The shop I wanted to go to in particular was closed as well, so I’ll have to check it tomorrow. The street was pretty busy though for most of the shops being closed. Many restaurants were still open along the street. I stopped by Mál og Menning, a bookstore that was a couple stories tall. The top portion had a coffee shop that I immediately went to. I ordered a hot chocolate and caramel muffin (to be fair, I hadn’t eaten all day) and made sure to plug in my phone for a bit so I wouldn’t be totally in the dark on the way back. I think I might buy a book from there before I leave, but I can’t decide yet what I want in particular as far as souvenirs go.

Since most of the stores weren’t open, I decided to head on back to my hostel shortly after stopping by the coffeeshop. The walk back was also fairly quick. Tomorrow, I hope I can get an earlier start and maybe I can plan when I want to do the walking tour around Reykjavik.