Happy Valentine’s Day!

I spent mine travelling from Reykjavik to Helsinki with a 5 hr layover in London. There isn’t much to report for today, but just know the real loser for today is my portable screwdriver set which was sadly confisticated (and then promptly thrown out?) while passing through the UK.

My arrival in Helsinki was around 11:30PM Helsinki time, so I hung out in the airport for a bit by the 24hr convenience store until it was a “normal person” time aka that time when people would normally go out running. I didn’t want to be walking around Helsinki at 2AM with no idea where to go. This meant I waited until around 5AM, but that was not a big deal. I just listened to a song from a show I had watched recently on repeat.

The only notable thing to report is that I stopped for some food in London-Gatwick since I had 5 hrs to kill, most of which was spent drifting in and out of semi sleep. The place I went to at LGW had these big advertisements that would show on a screen in front of me every few minutes, so I finally decided to just go there. The place was called Wagamama and claimed to offer Japanese food with a twist. What mainly caught my eye when I first looked it up was the mention of okonomiyaki, but unfortunately for me they only serve it in the mornings.


I ended up getting donburi which is a rice dish I’ve been craving. I’ve actually been wanting gyoudon, but their version didn’t sound that appealing and it was also kinda expensive so I went for the cheaper option. I also got duck wraps on the side, but they were not what I was expecting and the asian pancakes that came with it were a tad disappointing. Next time (if there is one) I would go for the gyoza instead. It’s kinda hard to mess up something you just boil.

donburi and duck wraps

On the flight, I got a seat in the first row which was kinda nice and kinda not. There was a lot of leg room but it sucked because I had to put my bag up in the compartment. I don’t usually mind with my rollerboard bag, but I do for my backpack because the last time I put it up there, my laptop overheated for some reason. Norwegian air hasn’t been bad at all though, so that’s one good thing at least.

front row seat

welcome to helsinki