Today ended up being a rest day for me after arriving at my AirBnB. I chose an AirBnB for Helsinki instead of a hostel because I was going to be here for a while and wanted the privacy that an AirBnB would afford me. I think the price was pretty comparable to a hostel.

down to the train

I took the 5AM train into Helsinki and from there walked to the Siwa that my AirBnB host had left the key at. On a whim, I also bought some croissants there because I was a bit hungry. It was only 80 cents for two which is a pretty good price. Then, I rode the tram down to the tram stop except that I got off one stop too early and was lost. There wasn’t any internet I could leech off of and my GPD only shows the dot with no map if there’s no Wifi. Luckily, a very nice lady saw me and asked if I needed help. She was able to help direct me in the right direction which I was really grateful for. I got to my AirBnB finally around 6 or 7AM (not before accidentally walking into a shipyard because I was following people down the street oops).

on the walk to pick up my keys

I was going to go around today, but decided it would be better to just sleep and make the most of tomorrow and other days. I also have to hand it to past Heather because I opened my bag to see cup noodles I bought back in Iceland which was great because it meant I would have dinner with little trouble. Not much action today because obviously, I didn’t do anything, but looking forward to tomorrow when I should actually be going around.

my dinner because past heather was a messiah