So, if you follow me on this blog because of travel, I’m going to apologize in advance because today’s post is going to be a bit more on the personal side.

Today, I fucked up.

I went to sleep at the time I normally do with the intent of waking up no later than 9AM/10AM. I had successfully done this before, so it wasn’t a tall order. I don’t know if it was the leftover vestiges of my time in the hostel, but my alarm volume has been getting lower. I woke up to light having not heard an alarm, so I figured it was very early in the morning.

That was the first mistake.

I was too tired to check the time, so I fell back asleep. Then, the next thing I recall is waking up to pitch blackness. How could this be? It was light a few minutes ago. There’s no way I slept the whole day away right?

Again, wrong. One glance at my phone revealed that it was 6. In my mind, I was hoping that meant 6AM, but upon further inspection, I found it was 6PM. Even with my plan for today, I had failed. Sam once told me, I shouldn’t feel like I need to do something everyday or else I would be “missing something” while I’m here. I agree with that, but I can’t shake the feeling that today is a failure.

Let me just put it out there that travelling while depressed sucks. You get the highs that help balance out the low days, but when you get a low, it really sucks. There’s just no better way to put it. Today, I’ll probably be sleeping early to prevent this from happening again. Here’s to hoping.