Today, it was snowing in Helsinki!

I read from a travel article about Finland that the Finnish have over 40 words for snow. Today was the first time I’ve seen actual snow falling while I’ve been in Finland. There’s been snow around, but only on the ground. It was actually very beautiful although a bit of a pain to walk in since it kept flying in my face.

snowfall in Helsinki

I didn’t do much of note today. I stopped by a record store to look for some Finnish metal artists, but none of the ones I was looking for were at the shop. The shop was a record store that specialized in metal bands called KVLT. There was a pretty large selection, but nothing I wanted so I had to walk away empty handed. I plan to visit a few more tomorrow hopefully.

My dinner today was sponsored by Subway. Not really sponsored, but the sub was surprisingly good. I mean, it’s Subway so I’m not sure what I was expecting. There was a lot of stuff on the menu I couldn’t understand, so I picked one of the only ones I could read which was the Subway Club.

On the way home, I stopped by two grocery stores. The way the grocery stores are here in Helsinki remind me a bit of Japan and being able to find a Family Mart (Famima) or Lawsons on literally every corner. I swear there’s a K Market or Aleppa on pretty much every street here. I was really tempted to buy stuff from them but decided in the end to not get anything right now. Tomorrow, I’ll need to pick up some snacks to take on my journey, especially some Salmiakki.

grocery store in Helsinki