Today I took a rest day in preparation for my night at the Ice Hotel in the Snow Village. I would consider today one of the tougher days. I finally understand the feeling of sitting inside by the window with a nice cup of hot chocolate while it’s snowing outside because that’s exactly how I felt today. I barely left the AirBnB until around 2PM.

I went to the market hall again today because the salmon soup was really good. I also stopped by the library to do some printing. Unfortunately, I also went to the market hall to try and get some cream puffs, but the person I wanted to buy from had already sold out for the day. I was outside today for maybe a grand total of a couple hours before I was back inside again.

Overall, I guess today could be considered one of my “bad” days. The break was needed, but it never makes me feel any better taking it. I’ll be glad for tomorrow (today) when I don’t have to think about the plan for the day.