Waking up in the morning was quite pleasant. Someone came in and brought hot berry juice which was good, but in reality it’s just something like cranberry juice that’s heated up (sorry for ruining the WOW factor). It took be a few moments to try and get out of the bed (sleeping bag). Immediately, I missed the warmth of the bag once I was sitting on top of the bed sheets. Putting on my shoes was a bit troublesome too, but not impossible. I managed to bring everything back to the warm room and then headed to breakfast.

good morning juice

The breakfast buffet was pretty nice. The variety of food ranged from more “American” type breakfast foods to Finnish breakfast foods although I will admit the scrambled eggs tasted a bit weird. There was even a waffle maker present which was surprising to me. In particular, I liked the homemade juice they had which was a nice end to the cold cold night I had. The breakfast was in the warm restaurant, so I could spend time sufficiently warming up before having to head back to Yllasjarvi.


The rest of my day was spent chilling at Hotelli Yllasrinne until it was time for my bus to the train station. I watched a bit of Lahti 2017 which is a big World Skiing Competition in Finland. It was pretty exciting even though I wasn’t very familiar with the event at the time (it seemed to be some sort of skiing relay). I finally got back to Oulu and stumbled into my AirBnB around 11PM. I leave tomorrow for Sweden (gonna travel by bus!), so wish me luck in getting where I need to go successfully. My next stop: Lulea, Sweden!

sucess sleeping in ice hotel

close up of certificate