When I was first planning this trip, I thought it was a brilliant idea to travel across the border of two countries. So brilliant an idea that I wanted to do this for my whole trip. Except, that would take me a while to get everywhere I needed to go and because of the first half of the path I was taking, I would have to double back around. In the end, traveling across the border is fun, but in a way I’m glad to have interspersed plane travel here and there. Today, I traveled from Oulu, Finland to Lulea, Sweden. I crossed the border at Tornio-Haparanda.

clocks on the border

It was odd because when I originally booked my bus ticket, I was looking high and low for a ticket straight to Tornio Haparanda. Unfortunately, the closest I could find was booking to Tornio then either a) walk or b) take a bus to get to the other side of the border. Then this morning, when looking up bus tickets again to check where I was stopping, I see there’s a ticket on the same line that goes straight to Tornio Haparanda. Since the bus across would’ve come out to around $7 anyway, I ate the extra cost and purchased another ticket on the same bus. The ride was pretty nice, although there was an odd part where we got near the border and suddenly there were a ton of kids getting onto the bus. I guess they were all heading home from school but it was interesting to see since in America commercial buses and long distance buses aren’t usually used to ferry kids home.

It was less exciting than I thought it would be “crossing the border”. In fact, I crossed with no problems. I got dropped off at the station, took the next bus, and that was that. It reminded me a bit of the North Carolina and South Carolina border that splits Carrowinds (an amusement park). Cool, but pretty uneventful.

The bus ride was very beautiful, although the later it got, the less I could really see. I’m glad the stop was relatively easy to find too so I was sure I wouldn’t miss it. The bus had internet, although it was a bit spotty at times (like it would show connected, but not actually be connected). I didn’t mind it too much.

pretty bus scenery

My hostel in Lulea was pretty easy to find from the station. It was basically a straight walk (only 8 min). To get in, I just entered a code they sent me beforehand. To be honest, it was all a bit clinical since there wasn’t even a person around, but I also kinda prefer it that way. The walls are super thin here though, so I can hear everything happening in the common room. The internet is also a little wonky on my laptop right now which is starting to frustrate me. I’m only here for the night, then it’s off to the airport for a flight to Stockholm. Not many pictures to show for today because it was a travel day, but I did finally get my cream puffs that I wanted to get. They’re not really cream puffs. More like cream pastries.

cream pastries yum yum