I spent the night at the Bergen Airport which wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I’ve stayed in lots of airports over the past two years, and I’ve gotta say that the Bergen Airport was one of the best I’ve stayed in because of the “comfort lounge” and the 24hr 7-11.

The bus ride to Bergen city center was pretty fast. There’s one bus that goes there (Flybussen) and you have to either book online or you can pay on the bus, but it’s slightly more expensive. I got dropped off at Bryggen which is a port area of the city. It’s apparently a UNESCO World Heritage site, but I didn’t know until I went to take a picture.

I didn’t end up doing much today. I killed a lot of time in a Starbucks (the first Starbucks I’ve seen since I entered Scandinavia). After I checked into my AirBnB, I had a bit more freedom to walk around. The first place I went was the fish market which was a bit disappointing. It seemed even smaller than the Oulu market square. Everything was kinda expensive. I noticed there was a sign saying there was a world-famous fish soup for sale at the market. I got a large take away container of it (not really that large), and it ended up being only okay whne compared to the salmon soup I had in Finland. I probably wouldn’t get it again.


bergen fish soup

To save some money, I bought groceries in Bergen to make food instead of eating out. I had the Heather and Sam special: spaghetti.


I also found out Bryggen (an area of Bergen near the port) was a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The weather was not the best today, so the pictures I got were not as nice as the ones I’ve seen before of Bryggen.


The last thing I did today was walk up the 800 stone steps of Stoltzekleiven. Stoltzekleiven is basically one of the mountains that surrounds Bergen. It was only a 30 minute walk from my AirBnB which was nice. The walk up took around 15-20 minutes, although it varies by person. The “stairs” aren’t really stairs; most of it is just crumbled rock which made climbing up kinda difficult.

The view at the top was amazing, to say the least. I was there for sunset which was a nice time of day to be there. I had to be careful about going down before it got too dark, though, because if going up was a pain, going down was much much harder.

view at the top with me

I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing tomorrow, but we will see. Today was a mostly good day.

Here’s a bonus picture from today of the view from the top (since it really was breathtaking):

the view