Today was actually a pretty slow day. The first thing I did today was head to Bergenhus Fortress. This is an old fortress in the middle of the city that is now a popular tourist attraction. It felt a bit like the atmosphere at Skogskyrkogarden, but obviously for a much smaller area. On my way there, I passed by a large church and took a few pictures. Apparently, there’s a celebration this week for 500 years since Martin Luther wrote his thesis and started Lutheranism. There were a few celebrations around the town for it.

the fortress

After the fortress, I attempted to go to Nordnes, in particular the park there. However, I got a bit lost on my way there and ended up just walking back towards the city center to try and pick up my train ticket for tomorrow. The walk from Nordnes was fairly uneventful. One thing I’ve noticed though is Bergen really reminds me of Cortona (cobbled streets and a large amount of cats on the road). There’s also a lot of seating around the city with many random mini parks in the middle of places. There are a lot on top of hills which are nice since you can look down on the city from them.

The last thing I did today was stop by Johanneskirken on my way to the city center. Johanneskirken is a fairly large church close to the city center and is pretty easy to spot. Since it looked like an important church, I walked up the stairs to it and looked for a way in. Unfortunately, it was closed, but there was a sign outside saying there was going to be a concert at the church that night, so I stuck around for that. It was a glockenspiel concert and basically we all sat outside and listened as the church bells and glockenspiel played. It was pretty interesting as far as concerts go.


My thoughts have been all over the place lately, so it’s been difficult to really write coherent posts. I head to Oslo tomorrow!

goodbye bergen its been real