Hey friends! I woke up early this morning to catch my train from Bergen to Oslo. I really wanted to take this train in particular, because I’ve been told the scenery between Bergen and Oslo is amazing to see. It really was amazing to see. Unfortunately, the nice views kinda alternate between sides, so there’s no one side of the train with great views the whole time. Overall, though, I would recommend taking the train if you have the means and the time (it cost about $100 I think and was a 7 hour ride).

views from the train

I kept accidentally falling asleep on the train though which was a little annoying and meant I missed a couple things. Also, I’m sure it’s just as beautiful in the summer, but will say during the winter, there’s snow everywhere and it all kinda looks the same.

Once I got to Oslo, I met up with a friend of a friend, Pao. She was letting me stay at her place for the night and also offered to show me around Oslo. We first went to Vigelandsparken which is the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist. The sculptures there were amazing to see. I really loved how animed the first few you see are when you are first walking into the sculpture area. The wide variety of poses and emotions the sculptures had really impressed me. The last time I was that impressed by a sculpture, it was one of the ones I saw in Italy where the sculptor made the marble actually look like how skin is when pressed into.

picture of the sculpture bridge

The park itself is very impressive though. In addition to the sculpture bridge, there’s a monolith with bodies all around it as well as something called the “Circle of Life”. We also saw another sculpture called “The Clan” on the far side of the park. It was a very big park and definitely hard to take everything in at once because of the sheer amount of sculptures there.

the monolith

After the park, we took the Metro up to the Opera House. The inside was very beautiful. Even at night, I think the Opera House still looks stunning (although obviously some of the effect is lost at night). The architecture of the Opera House is supposed to represent a glacier with the inside colors representing important things to the Norwegian environment. There was also a large crystal in the water near the building, but it was difficult to see at night. The crystal is in the shape of a sinking ship.

the opera house outside

We walked to the top of building where the roof was and walked all the way around. The roof was actually fairly big which kinda surprised me. There is a great view from the top of Oslo, especially at night. Apparently, people even sled down the roof when it snows pretty heavily. If you get a chance to go to Oslo and are looking for something to do, definitely go to the opera house and go to the roof.

The last thing we did today was stop by the National Theater metro stop and walk to the Royal Palace. It was night, so many things were hard to see, but the palace at night is still beautiful. It actually reminded me more of the White House than a traditional palace. Near the palace is the National Theater which has a few sculptures nearby that definitely fit the theater.

royal palace oslo

It was quite cold today (mostly because of the wind), so we headed back early to Pao’s apartment. Even though I only got to spend an afternoon in Oslo, I really enjoyed it! It kinda makes me want to come back sometime where I can spend at least a morning/full day here, but that will have to be for another time. Tomorrow, I’ll be back on a train to Sweden!