Another slow day out of me today. I really didn’t want to get out of bed today, but eventually forced myself out for the cause.

The day started with lunch which normally would be a good thing. Today, I went to a small vegetarian restaurant called Restaurang Solrosen. It’s located in the Haga area of Gothenburg and was pretty easy to get to from my hostel. Unfortunately for me, I think I’ve been spoiled by good vegetarian food in other places. I’ve been to a couple vegetarian places while traveling and most of them haven’t been super amazing. The last one I went to in Stockholm made up for it by having a large selection. I think either I selected the wrong choice or something, but the dish I had at Solrosen which was some sort of veggie patty with mashed potatoes and sauce was not really that great. There was also a salad bar included, but it wasn’t really that good either. Like I said, maybe I’ve been too spoiled.

here's lunch

After that, I headed to Feskekorka or the Fish Church. It is basically a market hall but with only fish stalls. It was also really really small, but I think that’s because I could only see two walls of shops in the entire place. I got some skagenrora because I’ve been craving it since my Toast Skagen in Helsinki, but I’m pretty sure it was more expensive than the skagenrora I saw in Stockholm. the skagenrora


I was in the mood to shop at the actual marketplace, so I went to Saluhallen which is the big market hall here. It’s fairly close to Feskekorka. I went yesterday as well, but didn’t buy anything. I almost didn’t today, but ended up buying a cinnamon roll at one of the shops there. It was a little weird since the hall has shops both inside and outside, so you’ll want to go around the outside as wel to get the full effect. I think today must’ve been a bad food day or something though because the cinnamon roll I got tasted a bit like cardboard except when eating the cinnamon parts. I had both the cinnamon roll and my skagenrora during my lonesome fika at Espresso House.

my lonley fika


Something cool I did discover today was that a lot of the stops on the city street are kinda hidden. There were a few where you had to walk through walkways into small open areas where there were entrances into the shops. It was pretty fun to explore and see some of the shops that way. It also snowed today which was nice to see while I was hanging out in Espresso House.

Overall, today felt a little like a bust in terms of food, but I did have a good time wandering around. I finally got my postcards for Sweden as well which was a plus. I guess you can’t always win when it comes to food even though I always try my best. I leave Gothenburg tomorrow to embark on my epic quest to Rotterdam. I’m debating whether I should pick up more of these rum chocolates I got on a whim at 4 Gott yesterday before I leave.