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After a very trying experience taking the bus, I finally made it to Rotterdam and met up with Gabie. We hung out at the cafe near the central station, Douwe Egberts, before heading to her apartment which is also located downtown. She and her roommate, Ada, have two really cute guinea pigs. I ended up sleeping for a long while after.

We ended up walking around after I woke up. Rotterdam is a very pretty city at night. We saw the Erasmus bridge as well as a few other places like the market (where we got bubble tea!). I really enjoyed seeing the city at night. Everything is really lively which is something I can’t say for a few other cities I’ve been to recently.

erasmus bridge at night

Dinner was at this Morroccan restaurant called The Bazaar and it was really good. I had one of the options off their vegetarian menu options because the dish of the day was sold out for the day. It was good overall though and very cheap compared other European cities.

dinner time

After dinner, we walked to McDonalds to try their new mini apple pies (which is new here in Rotterdam). We also stopped by Dudok to get a Dutch apple pie for me since I hadn’t had it before. It was pretty good, just cold which is different from the warm/hot apple pie that we commonly have in the States.

apple pie

We met up with Gabie’s friends when we went to McDonalds and spent some time at their place to eat the food we bought. I got to try Surmese lemonade which was good, but definitely a different taste (a lot less sugar). Then we ended up at a place called Stockholm where we all had a drink before heading home for the day. I’m excited to see a bit more of Rotterdam in the next few days I’m here!

jack daniels