Today was an interesting day.

The last time I have been to a service at church was during the summer when I drove to LA to watch LCS with Julian. I was really surprised by the service then because there was a lot of singing of songs before the actual sermon which is not something I had seen before at a church. I hadn’t been to a church in a while before then so it makes sense that it would’ve changed. This meant I wasn’t too surprised at this service though. We went to Hillsong which has branches all over Europe. It was pretty interesting.

church service

After church, we went back to Blaak and walked through the market area and department stores nearby. I got to try poffertjes which are dutch puff pancakes. They’re really good and are served with butter and powdered sugar. I accidentally mistook the butter for one of the poffertjes (oops). I would definitely recommend these to anyone going to Rotterdam.


We then went over to a friend’s house after and hung out there until it was time for movie night. We ended up playing a game called Party and Co for a bit which is similar to Cranium and that sort of game except it was all in Dutch. I felt a bit bad that everything needed to be translated for me though. There was also a really cute corgi present and it made me super happy because it reminded me of summer again.

party and co

After playing, we ordered Surinamese food which was pretty good. We had a LOT of food. The movie we watched was Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name), which has surpassed even Spirited Away in terms of grossing in the box office. It was just as amazing as I heard it would be.

the food buffet

Spending time with people is such an enjoyable part of traveling, I think. Tomorrow is my last full day in Rotterdam, so here’s to another good day.