Today felt a bit like a blur for some reason. Not really sure why.

Late start today mainly because we had a semi-late night last night. We were originally going to go to one bakery, but ended up having to go to a different one called Koekela instead because the original one was closed. Koekela was good. I had a carrot cake and their smoothie which was good because it wasn’t very sweet so the sweet cake went ok with it.

koekela cake

After Koekela, we walked around the area to look at shops and kill time before our reservation at Takumi. The shops were pretty fun to look at. I finally got my postcards for the Netherlands which is nice and I plan on sending one tomorrow. We went into a few clothes shops and a lot of shoe shops. There was a Doc Martens shop that had a jukebox in it that actually worked. It was fun to play around with that.

I also got to try haring while we were going around. Haring is a traditional food in the Netherlands. It’s a bit like sashimi/lox and actually tastes a bit like it too. Basically, it’s raw fish you eat with chopped onions. People in Holland will eat it just by holding the tail and holding it over their mouth, but Gabie got it cut up for me which I was thankful for. I was pretty scared to try it since I don’t like raw fish but it was actually really good.


Finally, we got to go to the main event for the day: Takumi. Takumi is this Japanese restaurant that was amazing ramen and is located in the Rotterdam area. The original branch was in Dusseldorf (which is apparently amazing to go to for Japanese food), but it has since immigrated to Rotterdam as well. The ramen was really great. I had the Traditional Tokyo Shoyu Ramen and got to try takoyaki for the first time. I also had a ramune soda, but it was the fizziest one I have ever had because this was the first time I had ramune and it spilled everywhere when I opened it. Overall, I would definitely recommend Takumi if you’re looking for a place to eat in Rotterdam and have a want for Asian food.

takumi ramen


Tomorrow, we have so much food to fit in before I’m off to Amsterdam. Here’s to a great time in Rotterdam so far and what will be good friends, good food, and good fun tomorrow.