Happy Pi Day friends!

Today, was a pretty hectic day. Gabie and I went with her friends to this cute Japanese cafe in Rotterdam called Round&Round. I was absolutely in love with this place. They have these really cute rolled cakes as well as actual cakes and a range of matcha and japanese drinks. I got this cute chiffon cake called “Picnic Time” which had some matcha powder on top with anko in the middle. I also got hojicha which is a green tea that is roasted. It was really good and you get a whole pot for 4 euros which isn’t bad. I was really tempted to get a cake to go, but was afraid it wouldn’t survive the journey to Amsterdam.

round and round

After Round&Round, we quickly rushed back to the apartment to pack up my stuff (just my luck, I left my towel LOL), and then quickly went to the market and got stuffed potatoes. I had mine with chickpeas, corn, cheese, and whatever else it comes with. It was really really good. Apparently that place also has really good lentil soup so that’s something as well.


Gabie had arranged a ticket for my train to Amsterdam, so since the one to Delft also goes towards Amsterdam, we caught the train together. It’s been such a great weekend in Rotterdam and I’m really thankful to have met Gabie in Iceland. We said goodbye at the Rotterdam Central station since I had to switch trains, and then it was off to Amsterdam.

At Amsterdam Central, I met up with Kathleen who I will be staying with for the next few days while I’m here. She lives pretty close to the station so we walked back to her place. I walked around a bit afterwards, mainly mailing my postcard and then went to Dam Square which was pretty impressive. There were a lot of shops around as well which were fun to look into. I was trying to find the Primark, but I couldn’t find it. Then I went back and took a nap because today was a pretty hectic day.

dam square


The last thing today was a dinner party with Kathleen’s classmates. It was really fun, and the food was really great. All the people in her program are so nice. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing tomorrow, but I’m sure I won’t be bored since there’s so much to see here in Amsterdam. I feel really privileged? blessed? to have the friends I have sometimes. Traveling is a lot more fun when you get to see friends as well.

gabie and i