Today I was planning for this to be just a travel day type of post, but then I googled “cheap places to eat in Brussels” and ended up with a list longer than the number of meals I could possibly have.

Kathleen and I woke up pretty early to return the bike at Dam Square. Then we came back and I hung around the room until it was near time for my bus. The bus station was at Sloterdjik which is very close to the central station but not close enough to walk. The bus came on time for once which was a shocker. The ride wasn’t too bad to Brussels. I apparently had a 20 min stop in Rotterdam and didn’t know it would happen which is unfortunate because that’s where I left my towel.

Getting to Brussels was no problem, but my hostel ended up being a bit farther than I thought it would be. It was a 30 minute walk to where I am staying: Meininger Hotel. It’s 20 min by tram, but the tram machine didn’t take my credit card so I can only really pay by cash. I ended up just walking but part of the road was closed so it took a little longer.

The hostel itself is really nice. It’s part hostel and part hotel but it works somehow. Although, the room was weird. You need to put a card into the thing by the door to have the power work in the room. I didn’t know that at first and was very confused.

Originally I was going to stay in all night, but I decided to get food. I ended up going to a place nearby called Knees to Chin. It was really good. They specialize in rice paper rolls which I love. They have a few different types and they’re pretty cheap since one is filling on its own. There are also sides like miso soup, rice, and pork buns. Unfortunately, everyone in the store spoke french to me, but I just went along with it. I really enjoyed this restaurant and have to say it’s one of my favorites (but I’m also biased because I love rice paper rolls).

yum rice paper rolls

Brussels at night is really pretty, but I look forward to walking around tomorrow when it’s morning and doesn’t seem so shady in town. I wasn’t too sold on Brussels at the beginning, but now I’m starting to warm up to it. Here’s to tomorrow.

brussels at night