Today was a bit of a lazy day, but I saw a lot too.

The first thing today was the inside of the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was very beautiful. I really loved the atmosphere inside as well as the large amount of displays/chapels you could see and visit. It was definitely one of the most impressive cathedrals/churches I have seen while travelling. Best of all, it’s totally free to enter! One of the coolest things I saw inside was a statue of Jeanne d’Arc which was really neat to see. They also had an awesome relief type mural with Jesus’s appearances before people.

inside of notre dame

The next thing was Pont Neuf. It was actually really neat to see. The whole area had a BUNCH of those love locks that people love to do. There were so many here, though, that it seemed almost impossible to even put another one on. I don’t know how that place supports so many of them. Maybe they periodically take them off. There’s also a cute little garden area right at the tip of Pont Neuf that you can visit if you want. It was very green compared to all the other garden areas I’ve seen.

pont neuf garden

After Pont Neuf, I went to eat at a place nearby called Nanashi. They have these really good bentos for lunch (10 euros each) and they also had onigiri which I was very excited about. I ate my lunch in a park nearby since it was a pretty nice day out. I swear it was probably the healthiest meal I’ve had since I started travelling.

my healthy meal

After Nanashi, I walked to a place called L’eclair de Genie which has some really great eclairs. All of them looked really good, although they all seemed almost fake because of how shiny they were. I ended up getting the number 177 which is the caramel beurre sale. I was kinda craving a fruit flavored snack but ended up not getting one.


The next stop was the Arc de Triomphe. I didn’t go to the actual Arc since there were signs about having to pay for entry but I believe that’s only for going to the top of the Arc. It’s very large in real life though and I like how it’s in an area that’s shaped in a circle (although the road and traffic there is very scary).

arc de triomphe

The last food place I went to today was La Patisserie Cyril Lignac. There are two within walking distance of the Arc. I got what is known as a Griotte Tonka and it was very good. Since I don’t know French, I didn’t know what was it in (common story for pretty much everything I’ve eaten in Paris), but when I dug in I was surprised to find a nice chocolate cake inside. It was very very good and surprisingly survived my trip up the stairs quite well.

yummy pastry

My final stop for the day was the Sacre Coeur Basilica which is located near my Airbnb. I really loved the inside of this basilica. When you’ve seen as many churches as I have the past few weeks, a lot of them will tend to look similar (like in Brussels). The one here was very different and actually was very inspiring. It was difficult to really capture how I felt about this church, but I would definitely recommend going to visit it at least once.


Right outside Sacre Coeur is an amazing view as well. You’re really high up so you can see most of Paris from here. I enjoyed it a lot. There’s even some stairs where you can sit and enjoy the view. When I was there, there was some entertainer who climbed up a lamppost and was doing tricks while hanging up in the air. I was pretty terrified for him, but he seemed confident in what he was doing. I think he was wearing head protection but I couldn’t really tell.

the view

Overall, today was packed full of different things to see. Even still, there’s a ton in Paris I haven’t even touched yet. Unfortunately I’m leaving tomorrow, but it definitely makes me consider coming back at least one more time. I also regret not buying a pack of ten subway tickets and just riding around on a whim because walking is great and all, but sometimes it’s just that much easier to metro around and definitely saves on time. Tomorrow, I leave for London!