This morning I took the Eurostar from Paris to London.

The Eurostar was very much like going to the airport which made for an interesting experience. I actually almost wasn’t able to even get onto my train because I was stopped at customs. I had most of my documents printed out, but apparently those weren’t enough. Luckily there was easily accessible wifi nearby, so I quickly connected and pulled up the documents the border officer was asking for. Still, it made me glad I decided to arrive there an hour or so early.

the train station

The train ride itself was supposed to be really cool because there’s a part where the train goes through an underwater tunnel. Unfortunately for me, I fell asleep and missed the whole thing. In fact, I woke up two hours later and we were stopped in a dark tunnel. I was freaking out because I thought I had somehow missed my stop. Turns out that the UK is actually one hour behind France, so my “one hour” trip was actually two hours. Oops.

I got to London and was feeling pretty disoriented. It was also raining which was kinda fitting as far as fitting the stereotype goes. I went to King’s Cross station which is across the street from the Eurostar station and ended up getting a picture at Platform 9-3/4. It was good timing since the line was very short, but unfortunately it’s hard to geta great picture when you are the only one there and have a ton of luggage.

platform 9-3/4

After my picture, I went to the second floor to sit for a while and eat. I ended up eating at a place called Wasabi which has Japanese food to go. It wasn’t the best food ever, but it was pretty good. I had two onigiri, miso soup, and one of their bentos: chicken curry rice. It was a bit spicier than any Japanese curry I had ever had which was unfortunate for me. It was also very dry.

jap food

I hung out at King’s Cross for a very long time until it was time to check into my Airbnb. It was difficult to find my Airbnb since most of the gates were closed and the neighborhood it was in seemed a bit sketchy. The Airbnb itself was also not very nice. The room I was in seemed like a room that had been added on as an afterthought (there wasn’t really proper carpeting), and even with the windows closed I could hear everything happening outside. Definitely not a place I would stay for more than a day. It kinda made me wish I had booked a hostel instead, but c’est la vie.

Apparently there was also a “terrorist attack” in London today near Westminister which is eerily close (but not that close) to where I was staying. We had to check in with the Oxford program so they could make sure those of us in London were safe. Fortunately, I had been at King’s Cross all day, so no where near the danger.

I ended up not doing much else since I was very tired. The bed was comfy at least which was a huge plus. Tomorrow is the last day of travel travel because I will be arriving in Oxford, England where I will be for the next three months. I’m really looking forward to it since carrying around my bags has been the most tiring thing while traveling around Europe. I’ll be glad to have a “permanent” place to put them for now if I travel again.