train station pt two

This will be the final post as far as actual travel days goes for my bit over a month trip around Europe. I am thinking of doing a bit of a reflections post with some statistics, but not quite sure what I want to do yet. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

When I woke up, I convinced myself that I needed to see 221B Baker Street before leaving London since it was so close by. I walked there in the morning and took a picture with the door. It was pretty realistic although the location is not quite 221B (since I passed 219 and then 230-something). Still, I was very proud of myself.

221b baker street

I took a train from London to Oxford this morning. The train was less than 30 minutes and since I booked online, it was only 6 pounds. The only downside was that I had to either a) take a bus to the UGA at Oxford house, b) get a taxi to the UGA at Oxford house, or c) take a 30 minute walk. I somehow convinced myself that a 30 minute walk was totally okay (it wasn’t).

train tickets

I arrived at the house pretty exhausted, but at least the directions to get there were pretty simple. After getting a bit settled, I went into town (another 30 minute walk) to grab a towel since I had lost mine and the store I went to this morning in London didn’t sell towels like I thought they did. I also stopped at the bookstore next door and grabbed a hot chocolate. It was good, but a bit over chocolate-y if that’s even possible.

hot choco

From there, I walked to the Covered Market and looked at the shops. It seemed very similar to the market halls in Scandinavia and I almost expected to see a few cafes present. There were quite a few restaurants but most were pretty specialized in what they served. I went to Moo-Moo’s and got a milkshake. They have a TON of milkshake flavor options and it was very intimidating. I tried a blueberry muffin milkshake, but there were flavors ranging from kit kat to fruits to cakes. It was very good, but a bit cold for the weather today.

milkshake yum

The final thing I did today before walking back to the UGA House was stop by St Michael at the North Gate church. The church itself was pretty tiny, but something you can do is pay 2.50 pounds to climb the tower (I am still having trouble with pounds, pence, etc). The tower is apparently 1000 years old and once you reach the top you have a pretty nice view of Oxford. The inside is also nice, but I really enjoyed being at the top of the tower. Luckily for me, there were very few people around so I pretty much had the tower top to myself.

church view

We have an orientation in a bit and then it’ll be the start of my official time in Oxford (and the official end of my journeys through Europe). Of course, I might still travel around a bit while here since it’s very easy to, but it will be difficult for me since I’m very traveled-out and need a few days to recuperate at least.

The last thing we did today was have dinner after the orientation. We went to a restaurant called Jee Saheb which served Indian food. Since we had a private room, we got served family style. Most everything was really good, but I particularly liked the chicken tikka marsala and the naan. The naan had some stuff in it which I think was cheese. It kinda reminded me of Japan.

yum dinner

This trip has been an adventure if nothing else. I know trips like these are supposed to be about “finding yourself”, but I felt as the trip went on that I was getting more and more confused about what I actually wanted. Again, I’ll be doing an actual reflections post later, so not going to harp too much on what I’m feeling right now, but thanks to everyone who’s been reading for sticking with me. Hopefully this has been as fun for you as it has been for me (which is pretty fun to be honest).

Until next time!