Hello friends!

It’s been a bit since my last update, but I’m back with my reflections on my month and a half long trip before I start keeping track of my Oxford adventures. These past few weeks have been a bit crazy, but now things are starting to stabilize a bit.

I’ll start off with an infographic I made of some stats from the trip:

h travels infographic

This is my first time making one of these so bear with me. Also, I wasn’t sure on the types of stats people would actually be interested in, so I just did whichever felt right to do. The costs are also very very estimated because in Finland I spent quite a bit of cash. Same story for Rotterdam. The costs on the graph are mainly from my credit card bill and how much cash I know I took out. The overall cost is missing the amount I took out in France since that’s when I ran out of cash, but otherwise, most of the cost was accounted for.

The question I get asked the most is “What was your favorite place to visit?”. This is a hard question for me since I tend to have favorite parts of places, but not a favorite particular place. I’ve been saying Finland was my favorite place, but I feel like that’s a bit of a cop-out since I really enjoyed other places too. It’s just the fun I had in Finland differs from the fun I had in, say, Rotterdam or Amsterdam where I was staying with friends.

Overall, I think I could’ve done better. The cost was a bit more than what I wanted to spend, but not more than I gave myself for spending. I also decided to be anti-social more often than not which meant I spent more on accomodations than necessary. Accomodations actually made up almost $1500 of my total cost even with staying with friends in a few places, so not too pleased with that. I think I started a bit ham while in Finland.

I also changed my plans about halfway through which meant I wasted some money. I need to be more careful with this “throwaway” money thing I do every so often because it’s not good for me. Entertainment was a hefty portion of my expenses, but to be fair that was only for two experiences I really enjoyed: a tour in Iceland and sleeping in the ice hotel in Finland. I also got a bit bogged down near the end of the month and a half. Either from loneliness or something else, I’m not sure. I just think it was a bit too much for me, especially by myself.

Some surprises for me though: I spent the the least amount in Sweden on a per day basis for the amount of time I spent there. Sweden ended up being about $61.13 per day and I felt like I had a great time while there. Stockholm was especially nice for free things to do and semi-cheap food. Iceland was of course expensive, but the one that surprised me the most (and shouldn’t have) was Finland. My cost in Finland was pretty inflated by my AirBnB’s though, so maybe next time I’ll try for a cheaper route.

Anyway, this post is mostly for me to lament on how much I spent and what I need to do better next time. I need to cut corners next time by prioritizing either food or entertainment and try to stay for a longer period of time in particular places as opposed to a short amount of time in many places. I believe that becomes cheaper in the long run. Also learning to cook with minimal ingredients would be great. I think I did a good job to not go too overboard though, so hats off to me for that.

Thanks again to those who followed me during my travels! If you’re interested in more of the breakdown of the finances, you can check out the excel calculations below.

excel stuff

Until next time!