train ride

I know, I haven’t typed up anything about my semester in Oxford. Yet.

Sue me.

I come today to bring you my weekend trip to Edinburgh. It will be a day and a half trip traversing the city and seeing all I can. Unlike my previous trips, though, this trip is not a solo trip. I am travelling with my friend from the UGA at Oxford program, Mallory. This post will kick off my “A Semester in Oxford” series. Don’t worry, I will later backtrack to cover the last two months I’ve been in school as well.

Today started fine. Normally I get to sleep in a bit on Thursdays and have a slow morning, but I had a tutorial today which meant none of that was possible. After tutorial I rushed to Keble to check out books and stock up on snacks from the cafe before running to the train station to catch my train. I waited on Mallory after I got my tickets. We got ready to go through the gates when my worst nightmare happened. I put my ticket in and the gate said to seek assistance. I tried again. Mallory’s tickets worked so I talked to the guy near the gate only to find that my tickets were bought for the 17th (yesterday) instead of the 18th (today).

Well, fuck.

The guy at the ticket counter said he couldn’t refund because it was bought online, so I would have to take care of that separately. Basically, I had to buy an entirely new ticket and I was most definitely not a happy camper. Luckily, after the first half of our train ride, I was able to just sleep which I think helped my state of mind. I was also really tired.

Our train trip was gorgeous, though. I really enjoyed the scenic views, espeically when we moved to the table seats on our train. It was pretty amazing to see rolling hills and countryside. It really reminded me of when I used to live in Bristol and would see so much green when driving to school or to Wal-Mart. There were also a lot of sheep. Like a lot a lot.

mallory is happy

Edinburgh itself is a very beautiful city. On arrival we were just blown away by the mix of old architecture with more modern buildings. The city itself is just amazing. The hostel we are at is Kick Ass Hostel and is right in the center of town. It was a quick walk from the train station and we were easily able to find it. After checking into our hostel, we ate dinner at this place called Mussel Inn. It was some of the best seafood I had ever had. We then went to Primark and got matching leg warmers for 50p. Finally, we walked around the city until we found a pub near our hostel where they had cheap drinks and live music. The pub was super fun and the music was really good, but honestly I’m a bit peopled-out at the moment. Met a lot of new faces which was cool, but it was a lot for such a busy day.

Tomorrow will be busy, but I am excited for it. I just want to leave Edinburgh feeling like I did what I could do, so hopefully that happens tomorrow!

beautiful city