The first week of classes actually arrived quite slowly. It felt as if the preparation week went on forever and suddenly it was time to start teaching. Daniel’s computer didn’t have a VGA port, so we had to use my computer for the first few lectures until we got an adapter.

view of the campus

It was pretty chaotic. We were working on preparations still while lecture was happening which was a bit stressful. Things fell into place though– students showed up at labs and things were ready for them. I was so nervous the first day; I’ve only worked with one other student before who didn’t speak great English, and it was hard for me to communicate and work with them. I was worried it would be similar here.

With the first few people I helped, it was difficult. I was clumsy with my explanations and felt like I wasn’t really getting to them. After a while, though, it did feel like some of the kids were starting to understand. It made me feel a lot better about teaching in general.

classroom picture

We were also lied to about the lunch menu. Like very lied to. The delicious pasta we got the first week never made an appearance again. The yummy rice still showed up though which was fantastic. The first week I think was the hardest week because we had to get used to the kids while also try and teach them the basics of programming. This made for interesting interactions. For example, if I said “Type ‘hello world’”, then they would start using the type function! I resorted to using the word “write” instead which they seemed to get.

As far as dinner this week…let’s just say I didn’t keep a very good chronicle of what we ate. Like at all. But I’m sure it was decent and I’m alive so that’s something.

As a side note, just realized we went to this vegan restaurant called the Loving Hut near Edna Mall. It was okay, but I think I ordered the wrong thing again. I ordered what was supposed to be some sort of vegan katsu…not a good idea. But everyone else’s food seemed good so I’m sure it was just a me thing.

loving hut food

It was also Basi’s birthday the second week. I was sick that day (which the kids immediately asked about the next day), but a cake was bought and consumed in honor of it. Kinda sad I missed the celebration but I think the entire day of rest was well worth it because I didn’t feel terrible the next day.