The third week heralded the arrival of Timnit, one of our instructors. She was replacing Daniel who had left that weekend amid a goodbye dinner involving Arash and a Thank You speech.

Timnit is such a strong person. From the first day, she tried getting what information and resources she needed to teach. When the students started showing up late to lectures, she wasn’t afraid to instill the fear of God (Timnit) in them. And when we came back from Savor one night and she and Mike were attacked, she wasn’t afraid to stand her ground. I really really admire how strong she is as a person.

timnit in the classroom

We started the second week of classes slowly; there was review, a presentation about “Why CS?”, and then we had a quiz on Wednesday (you can be sure that scared the kids too). However, I really thought a lot of students made some good progress this week because of the time for review that was given. It allowed students who understood but were slower at doing the exercises time to catch up to their peers.

class in session

being srs in lab

hardcore grading

We also said bye to Mike this week. It was a tough blow to our current ranks. He ended the week with a nice lecture on recursion.

mike in the class

chala working hard

This week’s dinner was particularly good. We went to Gebeta which I really liked (also where I accidentally ingested raw meat oops). They serve traditional food, and I think my favorite thing there was some stew thing we got in the middle of our plate. We also went to Savor this week which was hands-down some of the best Italian food I’ve had in Ethiopia, but oh so expensive. But there’s ice cream so maybe that makes it worth??? I tried special tea for the first time at Savor (thanks to Mateos), and it was great. Jessica and I split a smoked salmon and capers pizza which was surprisingly good. For Timnit’s welcome dinner, we went to Azmera Shiro where they accidentally brought us an extra plate and after an intense back and forth, we finally just paid for it. But otherwise, the food there was good.

Gebeta food

smoked salmon pizza at savor

We also went to Dok this week which was surprisingly good! I really liked their food. They serve mostly Italian food, so think pastas and pizzas. After Dok, some people wanted to go to a tibs house nearby which was right where the Bole Microbrewery is.

dok food

raw meat at tibs place

The only other thing this week was the barbecue. We waited a very long time for food. It started raining. We got food. But there were few vegetarian options. I won’t fault them too much though since they did significantly step up their game for the next barbecue.