On Saturday, we went dress shopping.

This trip had been a long time in the making. Somehow, we convinced Nati to also come with us. We agreed to leave that morning at 10am, but at 10am, not everyone was there. We had no choice though, Yosef was on a schedule, so we headed out to the taxis. We had made it to Arat Kilo where we were going to meet Nati when we suddenly got a message from Dim and Jessica who we had left behind.

Deciding it was better if we all went together, we gave them instructions on how to get to us and then visited Nati’s university which was very nearby. They almost didn’t let us into the compound but at the last minute we were magically let in. We got the grand tour, from lecture halls to a robotics labs to more lecture halls. We even met some professors who knew Yosef (and then politely shook our hands because we were obviously with Yosef). They mentioned they saw us stopped at the gate and were about to intervene except that we started walking in so there was so need to.

walking on campus

After that encounter, we walked around a bit more and wandered into a volleyball game. Both teams were pretty good! Rupal and Nati decided to play and it was really exciting to be able to cheer for people I knew. We also got some pretty cool pictures of them in action!

rupal playing volleyball

nati playing volleyball

Nati knew a place on campus, “Pepsi”, that sold 1birr tea and it was legit the best tea I’ve ever had. However, the sweetness of the tea attracted a lot of bees which was scary (but if you drink the tea fast enough they kinda go away). Nati says they don’t bite or anything but it’s hard to believe.

By this point we were still waiting for Dim and Jessica so we decided to go to lunch. This was to give them enough time to meet up with us before we absolutely had to go. The lunch place we ate at was very very cheap, but I have no idea what it was called. The meal was very good though. Dim and Jessica arrived as we finished up our meal which was excellent timing.


After finding out that the church nearby cost 200birr to go into, we headed to Shiro Meda. This required us to find a minibus that would take us there. The ride wasn’t too long from Arat Kilo, but when we arrived, we were super overwhelmed. There were dresses everywhere!! How would we find what we wanted? I didn’t even know what I wanted at this point.

Yosef and Nati went ahead with Yosef telling us to stay back first. We loitered around the street while they went to check out the prices first. The first few places we went, I wasn’t super enthused with the dresses, but I did end up picking up a few scarves. By the next few shops, I was feeling a little pressured because others had already purchased dresses by this point. Still, I’m really picky on dresses, so unless I absolutely love it, I try to not get it. We finally went to a store where they had a dress I kinda liked, but when I tried it on, it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I saw a flash of colors that I liked though, in the back, so we had them pull it out. I think I knew it was the one I wanted before I even tried it on, but I still had to try it on because petite people problems. The ladies at the store were very nice and tried to give me advice (through Nati) about wearing the dress.

rupal trying on a dress

I definitely paid more than I should’ve for the dress but I was prepared to spend that much, so it’s fine.

We walked around a bit more to try and find Yosef’s musical instrument, but the only one we found was crazy expensive. The idea was immediately ditched and we started walking back towards the buses.

We had nothing better to do, so we decided to go to the Lion Zoo, but apparently it was closed for renovations until next year (September 2018)!!! Saddened, we walked to the nearby National Museum where we saw Lucy and other art and cultural artifacts. I found out that Lucy was named Lucy because the people who discovered her were listening to the Beatles’ song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I think the lower level exhibition is very well done while the other exhibitions could maybe use some work. The one on the top most floor could be more interesting with a little more exposition, but maybe that’s just me.


As we exited the museum, we had to run to catch the bus because it had started to rain. Somehow, we managed to get into the right bus and come back to the guesthouse unscathed. We stopped at Milan Pizza because it was on the way home and it started raining harder, but I wouldn’t recommend because it wasn’t very good. We also had some sambusas while walking back (they’re really cheap and a crowd favorite, so definitely would recommend).