The last week gets its own posts because it’s special.

The fourth week of the program (and the third week of classes), we could really feel it was crunch time. It felt a bit more stressful than usual, because we were coming up with exercises for the kids to practice much more difficult concepts like sorting, binary search, and merge sort. As a result, things felt a bit haphazard as we progressed through the week. There was another quiz this week which the kids were particularly stressed about.

basi with the kids

However, by this week I felt like I really knew the kids in my lab. They noticed when I didn’t wear my netela and they would also write cute things on our board like “We <3 our TAs!”. All the kids were very sweet. I felt this was the week I could tell how far the kids had come as well because I could see that kids who hadn’t understood any programming concepts before could now go back and understand previous exercises with ease. I was so so proud of them.

timnit and jelani enter the scene of the crime

We also organized a football game one afternoon because otherwise I think I would have gone crazy from how long we were in lab. The kids seemed to enjoy it too which was the whole point.

impromptu football game

The best thing was that the kids did so well on the Friday quiz. In fact, they collectively had the best average out of the other labs which was really impressive. They were even willing to come up to the board and review the questions afterwards which made me really happy. I guess this is what parenthood feels like???

yosefs selection sort demo

We had to prepare for the next week though, which was to be the era of Jelani. We were warned that we needed to monitor the easiness/difficulty of questions on the final and in the exercises because sometimes what’s seen as “easy” is not so easy for the kids. We also heard Timnit on the radio which was fun!

listening to timnit on the radio

It was Corina’s birthday this week too which was fun to celebrate. The cake the guesthouse staff bought was really really good (I want to know where they bought it). It was also my first time seeing sparkler candles on a cake. Apparently you can get these in the US as well which I didn’t know. Today I Learned I guess.

corinas bday

In the food news for this week, we visited a few different places. There’s a Chinese place that I don’t know the name of, but it’s right beside Milan Pizza in Bole. It was pretty good but I think very expensive if you don’t order family style. We also went to a place called Amsterdam which I was not too fond of although the Tree Pasta was pretty decent (the sizzler was ok. That’s all). What I would recommend, though, is a cafe called Natani’s near Friendship which has very very tasty cakes. A bit on the expensive side for cakes, but well worth it.

amsterdam food

natani cake

We also went to Yemana (?) Kitfo (it’s somewhere in Bole) which was actually really good. I liked the regular kitfo there the best, but apparently the one with cheese was quite good.

yemana kitfo food

I gotta say though, the most interesting place we went this week was Aladdin. It was rated highly on TripAdvisor (which is my go-to to be honest), so we decided it was worth a shot. It was definitely the whitest place I had ever been in Addis. I don’t think I had ever seen so many tourists in Ethiopia before. It was as if they all gathered at this one restaurant by power of the TripAdvisor reviews. The hummus I got there was pretty good as well as the pastry filled with cheese and beef. I would recommend the vegetables though (I think they’re pickled) because they seemed to be a crowd hit.

aladdin hummus