Note: Too lazy to replace every instance of Piazza with Piassa so just replace it in your head. Please.

In which our minibus hit a car and everything was closed

Today was an eventful day.

There weren’t any solid plans for today except that people wanted to go to the Red Terror museum and Piazza. Except, Piazza was far so we were at a loss for what to actually do. Nati said he would meet up with us, so we needed to have some concrete plans.

After some morning debating, we decided on going to a nearby church, then the Red Terror museum, then whatever else we could find (which included Piazza).

medhane alem cathedral

We got to the church but it was closed. Apparently we have to come back when there’s a service in order to go in.

Then some guy from the church lead us to where we could catch a taxi but we couldn’t because of an event happening that day with a guy named Jawar. We ended up catching a private taxi to Meskel Square where the Red Terror museum is, but the guy who lead us wanted some money for his troubles.

We were so disappointed when we got to Red Terror and it was closed. Like it was the last Saturday we tried to go when the Eritrean President was in town. Not sure what we should do, we started to wander to Meskel Square to wait for Nati. As we were walking towards the steps, I see Myra turn around and wave at someone behind me, so I turn and see Nati right there!! Apparently he had saw us, but didn’t want to call out to us.

No knew what to do so we first went to a pizzeria across the street to just get some food. I had a plate of French fries that were ok plus some tea.

Next we decided we would go to Piazza because what else did we have to do? On the way there, we decided to take the light rail which was a very bad idea. For one, the rail is more expensive than a direct minibus to Piazza (4 birr vs. 3 birr). The minibus takes like 5 min to get to Piazza while the light rail seemed to take a lifetime. Being on the light rail gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “packed like sardines in a can”. If I thought the Orbit bus at UGA was bad, this was definitely much worse. At least near the end of the rail line, more people got off so that by the time we reached Piazza, i could finally breathe again. Isabelle and Pratiksha somehow got seats which I’m really surprised happened.

view from the tram

At Piazza, we visited another church (St. George) that was closed. We then started towards Tomoca, but stopped because of a bazaar that was taking place. Dim bought his tej there and there was also honey that was bought. After the bazaar, we walked for a very long time towards Tomoca and also attempted to buy a card for Timnit. All the cards we saw were either congrats on graduating cards or congrats on a boy or girl cards. Dim bought some pineapple being sold on the street and it was pretty good.


The original tomoca definitely had a different vibe from the one near our guesthouse. The one near our guesthouse is more modern and hipster while the original one is much older looking. The coffee was also slightly different because I ordered a spris like usual and it was pretty bitter.


Next to Tomoca is a great juice place disguised as a grocery store. Not sure of the name, but we could get anything from one fruit to a mix. I got a mango juice that was pretty tasty.

da juice

After, we caught a minibus back to Bole where our guesthouse was. When we got back, we immediately had to go out again because Leello was cooking chicken curry and needed ingredients.

Just our luck, it starts raining as we head out. We stop by a few grocery shops but none of them had all the stuff we were looking for. Suddenly, the rain gets much much worse and we are stuck in the shop waiting for the rain to stop. We try calling a taxi using the 8294 number, but they tell us no taxis are running and we should try another taxi service.

We finally just say fuck it and book it to the taxi area on Airport road. We grab the first one we see since it started raining harder again. We miss our stop somehow and decide to ride farther and just walk back. As we pull into the stop we need to get off at, we hear a large crunching noise. I asked Nati what it was but he just told Leello that we needed to get off here. As we get off, we see that our minibus has hit another taxi which explains the sound. Luckily, it was our stop so we just got off and walked back towards the grocery stores. At the grocery stores, we were able to find everything except cream. We ended up getting coconut milk as a substitute. Leello ended up not liking it as a substitute though.

We cooked the curry when we returned to the guesthouse and quickly found we bought too many onions. The meat also had to be de-boned which was another matter entirely. Also, upon looking back on the pictures, everyone seems sad while cooking. Cooking must be a sad pastime.

leello cooking

The finished product was quite good but tasted more like a coconut Thai curry than the curry I think Leello was going for. Everyone seemed to like it though so that was good.

After all the events that happened that day, we settled into our regular hang out spot and just chilled. Literally. Dim made puns about my name and then I went to bed