This week was such a sad week. But at the same time, I felt so loved. I’ve never felt so loved as I did in a nightclub in Ethiopia. Dim had to leave early which made me so so sad. But he left me with positive energy.

“Only good things will come to you,” he said. I was in so many tears that I could barely think about what was being said, but what he said stuck with me.

Only good things will come. Today, I tried to board my flight to Newark and then Atlanta. I had trouble at the self sign-in kiosk so I went to the desk where they informed me that the flight was full and I would need to take another flight. It got worse as they told me the next flight wouldn’t be until 11pm and it was only 6:30am at the time. I was stuck. It was tempting to just accept it and then leave for the guesthouse and wallow, but I stayed because I was getting my compensation or so help me God.

Suddenly, the guy waved me over (after about an hour of waiting for him to get me my hotel voucher and compensation). He simply said “I’m trying to get you on this flight” with no preamble and at the end of the whole thing, I had a ticket for the flight I was supposed to take in the first place. This was around 7:50am and the boarding time was 7:55am. He then put me into a priority line for the check in and another guy also put me through an expedited security process. In the span of 10 minutes, I was at the gate, waiting to get my documents checked.

at the gate what

I still don’t really know what happened, but I am grateful. I suppose good things really are to come.

I thought it was over, but I guess the flightmare never ends. When I landed in Newark, I opened my phone to see that my flight to Atlanta had been cancelled. Great. What I didn’t realize was everyone and their mom’s flight was cancelled out of Newark. When I got to where I would normally drop my bags off to recheck them in, I waited in line for two hours just to be rescheduled for a flight from LaGuardia instead of Newark. This meant I had to go to LaGuardia that night if I wanted to be in time for the flight.

every flight cancelled

I’m still so thankful I got something for the next day because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to fly in until Monday which would’ve been impossible for me. I was also lucky someone else was also going to Atlanta and LaGuardia as well, so we braved finding a taxi together and somehow made it to LGA with little incident. However, I stayed up the whole night because I wasn’t going to be able to sleep at this point.

In the morning, I almost cried when the lady at the counter said there’s an issue with my ticket as I was trying to check in a bag. I had to wait in another line for the service desk people to help me with my ticket, which finally finally went through. As I arrived at the gate, I couldn’t believe what was happening. When I arrived in Washington, they said they had a full flight and would anyone please volunteer for $700 but my sanity was worth more than that. I had never been happier walking out into the humid Atlanta heat than I was that day. The trip back was w i l d and kinda makes me glad I won’t be flying when I move to Illinois this Wednesday. T h a n k.